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Terms and Conditions

Updated: 2nd March 2022

Sarah Dunkley Soft Tissue Therapist Terms and Conditions


By booking any of the services offered by Sarah Dunkley STT, you, the Client, agree to:
•    Attend the massage appointment on time and complete the forms provided, following the instructions for completion and submission. You understand if you fail to follow instructions, it may impact your booking (if forms aren’t provided on time, then your booking may be cancelled or need to be moved and the treatment time may reduce as the forms must be reviewed before hands on work commences).
•    Accept that any no shows will result in you missing your appointment and you will be required to pay for the massage you missed, via bank transfer.
•    Adhere to the guidance and procedures shared with you by the therapist.
•    Provide notice of lateness as soon as you reasonably can, understanding that this will reduce the treatment time available as a result of your late arrival.
•    Provide notice of cancellation as soon as you reasonably can. See below for refund information for cancelled appointments.
•    Provide as much notice as you reasonably can if you want to change your massage appointment. See below for information regarding requests to change a massage appointment.
•    Chaperone a young person under the age of 18, as they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The adult must co-sign the documents shared by the therapist.
•    Seek and provide evidence of your GP’s consent if the therapist deems this a requirement in order to ensure the treatment does not conflict with any health conditions you the client might have.

Additional terms for each type of treatment

If you book a hands-on massage, you understand;
•    The therapist will explain at the start of the appointment, which items of clothing you will be required to remove in order to provide hands on treatment. If you are not comfortable removing items of clothing, you must tell the therapist this at the start of the appointment.
•    The therapist will use towels to cover you during treatment, only revealing the body part being massaged.
•    The therapist will ask for your feedback in regards to the pressure being used during treatment, using a pain scale of 1 to 10, 1 indicating a very light pressure, 10 indicating very painful. The treatment will aim to keep this level of pain below a 7, to ensure you do not experience unnecessary levels of discomfort, as this will be counterproductive for your treatment experience. The therapist will be reliant on you communicating clearly and honestly about the pressure you are experiencing. 
•    The therapist may ask you what type of massage and pressure you prefer, but may not adhere to this preference if it is assessed that a different approach would be more suitable, but will seek your verbal agreement to the treatment plan before the massage commences. 
•    The therapist will explain to you the client, the treatment plan before massage begins, to ensure you are content with what is being suggested. You will need to tell the therapist at this point if you are not in agreement or would like to suggest a different approach.
•    That the therapist will use massage products such as wax or lotion, and although precaution will be taken to ensure towels protect your clothing, you should check the material of your clothing will not be damaged if lotion or wax does come in contact with it, e.g. any residual wax on your skin that is then recovered by your clothing. Responsibility cannot be taken if this does happen, you are responsible for wearing suitable clothing to the appointment.

If you book any of the online appointments, you understand;
•    There will not be any hands on treatment provided directly by the therapist, instead, you will receive guidance from the therapist on how to move and treat yourself or your partner.
•    You are responsible for ensuring your IT equipment and internet are set up and working to enable you to attend the appointment. Any missed appointments without notice due to issues with your IT or internet will be treated as a no show and will not be eligible for a refund. 
•    If more than 24 hours’ notice is given, then you will be able to request to change your booking or receive a gift voucher (valid up to 12 months) or refund, which will be repaid back to the bank account the booking was made from.

If you are offered the taping or strapping service, you understand;
•    You must not use direct heat over the tape (e.g. a very hot shower or heat pad), as this can affect the adhesive glue and cause additional sticking to your skin that may be uncomfortable and break the superficial skin if the tape is then removed.
•    If the tape or strapping is being administered to an area of the body with a lot of hair, this may reduce the adhesiveness of the tape to the body part. Shaving the hair from the body area could be beneficial if you anticipate requesting this service.
•    The tape will naturally lose its stickiness by day 3 or 4, depending on its exposure to water, soap and movement via clothing or exercise.

Payment methods
•    Payment will be required at the end of the appointment via cash, card and bank transfer. The following card payment providers are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, China Union Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro, Visa Electron, V pay. Please note, cards must have a chip a pin, magnet stripe only cards are not accepted.

If there is an error with the payment or booking process
•    Please email stating your name, contact phone number and description of what happened. 
•    A response via email or phone call will be provided at the therapists’ earliest opportunity, workload permitting. 
•    Depending on the payment or booking issue, there may be a requirement to retry booking online, there may be a refund provided or the therapist may create the booking on your behalf as agreed.

Cancellation terms

•    To cancel your massage appointment, please either email or text or call 07710 587605 where you are required to leave a voice or text message if there is no answer. If you used an online booking system you can cancel via this.
•    If you request to cancel your massage appointment and provide at least 24 hours’ notice before the start time of the appointment, you will be offered an alternative appointment, gift voucher (valid for 12 months) or full refund, which will be repaid to the bank account the payment was made from. Cash will not be provided.
•    If you request to cancel your massage appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will not be eligible for a refund as you have prevented that appointment from being offered to someone else. Your circumstance will be considered if you had an emergency that couldn’t have been foreseen, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you made your original booking via an online system, you will receive an email requesting that you make payment for the missed booking.
•    Sarah Dunkley STT has the right to cancel a booking without notice, if the therapist becomes ill or if it becomes apparent that the treatment is not safe to continue (e.g. the room or building is not deemed safe or under Government advisory). If your appointment is cancelled by the business, you will be given the reason for cancellation and you will be offered a full refund, alternative booking or gift voucher.

Changing your massage appointment

•    To change your massage appointment, please email or text or call 07710 587605 where you are required to leave a voice or text message if there is no answer. If you made your original booking via an online booking system, you can change your appointment via that system.
•    If you request to change your massage appointment and provide at least 24 hours’ notice before the start time of the appointment, you will be offered alternative dates that are available.
•    If you request to reduce the duration of your massage appointment and provide at least 24 hours’ notice before the start time of the appointment, the therapist will offer you a part refund for the duration change, but only if the requested change is a duration offered by the therapist on the business website. The refund will be repaid to the payment card the booking was made on. Cash will not be provided.
•    If you request to increase the duration of your massage appointment, the therapist will check whether there is availability to do so and will confirm to you via email or phone, it cannot be guaranteed and will depend on whether there is available free time.
•    If you request to change your massage appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will not be eligible for a refund as you have prevented that appointment from being offered to someone else. 
•    If there are no suitable appointments available, you will be offered a gift (valid for 12 months), or a refund, which will be repaid to the bank account the payment was made from.

Covid 19 terms applied as per Government Guidelines

•    You the client agree to email or text or call 07710 587605 the therapist as soon as you are aware of yourself or a member of your household developing Covid 19 symptoms at any point between booking and attending your massage. 
•    If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, you understand that the therapist will need to take additional precautions to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus, these may include, reducing the treatment time, booking the appointment in the first available slot for the day, avoiding treating the face and neck area. This will be discussed with you as soon as the therapist is made aware of the exemption. 
•    You will not be able to attend a treatment until your symptoms disappear and you have completed the required period of isolation. This includes isolation required after travelling internationally or to an area that is in lockdown, as advised by the Government.
•    You will be informed by email or phone call as soon as is reasonably possible, if the therapist or a member of their household develop Covid 19 symptoms and bookings will be re-arranged or refunded, as agreed with you, the client.
•    Sarah Dunkley STT may be required to inform NHS Test and Trace if the therapist or a client has tested positive following a treatment in clinic. Test and Trace may advise the business to make contact with clients they deem to be at risk of exposure to Covid 19.
•    If the clinic room has been exposed to a client or therapist that tests positive for Covid 19, the therapist will close the room and follow cleaning protocols. The therapist will contact clients with a booked appointment within a two week period of the incident to make them aware and offer either a refund or to reschedule the booking. 

Service provision

•    Although every effort is made to ensure the service and treatment you receive is tailored to you and meets your expectations through clear communication at the beginning of each appointment, you may feel the service is not meeting your needs.
•    If you feel the massage you received was unsatisfactory, please let the therapist know during the appointment, so corrective action can be taken. 
•    If you do not feel comfortable addressing your concerns with the therapist during the treatment, please email, providing your full name, contact details and detail about why you feel dissatisfied and what the therapist can do to avoid this in the future.
•    Refunds as a result of dissatisfaction will not be available, as the therapist will explain the treatment you will receive at the start of the appointment, and you have the opportunity during the appointment to share if something doesn’t feel right. You will be asked at the end of your appointment how you feel, if you think something was missed during the appointment, this can either be addressed at the next appointment or further discussion can take place to address the feedback e.g. it may be the issue was not within the remit of the therapist’s training.
•    If a Client shows any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour towards the therapist or anyone connected to the business, including anyone within the building where the treatment is provided, or causes damage to business property, and also including removing items of clothing that cover your genital area, the business retains the right to cancel the treatment immediately, refuse future treatments, refuse to refund any bookings made and this may lead to a formal complaint depending on the severity of the incident.
•    If there is a natural disaster, emergency or government advice that impacts the provision of massage and you have an appointment booked, you will be contacted by the therapist either by email or phone, and offered a voucher, an alternative treatment if available or a refund, repaid back to the bank account the booking was made from.

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