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Massage for Stress and General Health Basingstoke & Alresford

Including stress management, mood management, general self-care and improving or maintaining joint range of movement.

Physical Movement

Massage with movement is a great tool to help keep the body mobile and engaged. The body likes movement and it adapts and strengthens when consistently challenged. This is important as it means the body is conditioned sufficiently to manage the movement we do day in day out. Soft tissue therapy not only includes hands on massage, but it also offers movement for stretching and for engagement, to help clients reach their goals, particularly if you are seeking to introduce more movement or a new sport into your routine.

Mental health

Massage provides a space for client enjoyment, whether this is downtime for reflection, peace and quiet from a busy, stressful life, or to just enjoy the hands on work of the treatment. An hours’ massage provides variation to our self-care arsenal, which could also include, seeing friends and family, reading, going for walks, enjoying a hobby or focused breathing and meditation.

Covid-19 Update

I am open for treatments. Face coverings are still required, to find out more click here