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What to Expect


To ensure the treatment plan meets your needs, I will spend time in your first appointment to get to know you, to understand your health history and assess your current range of movement.

Some of the questions I might ask:

  • Have you had massage before and what did you like about it?

  • What are you expecting from these massage sessions?

  • Have you tried anything in the past that you've found to be effective?

  • What are your thoughts around the symptoms you're presenting with?

  • What aggravates and what eases yours symptoms?

  • How is it affecting you day-to-day?

  • What is the key outcome you're seeking?


These are the activities or movements that currently provoke your symptoms (e.g. walking up the stairs, or running 10km), and we will regularly review these throughout your treatment programme to measure the progress we are making.

Benchmarks are really important because they keep the treatments focused and allow us to see progress, and if not, we then adapt the approach.


Massage techniques used will depend on the pain and symptoms you have, based on my clinical judgement and experience of what will be most effective.

I may massage on and around the areas of pain and if you are interested in understanding more, I can explain what I'm doing and why.

I use a pain scale of 1 to 10, and will ask you to report to me how different areas feel during the treatment. This is an extremely effective technique to ensure the pressure is comfortable and meets your expectations. Communication is key, especially in our first appointment.

Movement Rehab

A massage treatment is only one hour a week or a month. The remaining time you will be living your routines, possibly reverting back to old habits that can make it difficult to see results.

For this reason, I offer a bespoke plan for you to follow at home, based on the equipment you have available. I will use movements in line with your level of activity and what you feel is reasonable. The movement plan can be created as a video for you to easily follow along and listen to my cues, to ensure you are performing the movements optimally.


I am also trained in sports taping, which is an excellent aid for injury recovery or for offloading muscles or joints that are painful.

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