Being the owner of my business, I can decide where I spend my time and efforts, and I'm really pleased to share I am launching a special offer to celebrate people who are raising money for charity.

No matter what the event, if you are raising money for a registered charity, you are eligible for this special offer that will entitle you to a FREE massage!

I'd love to be able to keep track of all the massages I've given in support of your efforts to raise money for charity, on this page, to show what great work can be done when we have a shared, positive goal.

Charity Massage Offer.png

How to take advantage of this special offer?


Email me at and introduce yourself and the charity event you are taking part in.

Be sure to share:

The name of the charity and what made you want to take part

What the event entails

The date and location of the event

When you would like to book your post-event massage

We will then discuss the massage options and get your massage booked in.

It would be great to have a photo at the start of the massage to capture the day, so let me know if you consent to your photo and charity efforts being shared online.

Watch this space for charity event updates!