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Here you will find my latest news and offers, so be sure to visit every now and then to take advantage and stay connected!

Discount                 Options

Referral discount 

If you refer a new client to me via email, and they subsequently book and pay for their first massage, you will be given £5 credit, to offset against your next massage. You have to email me their name before they make contact, and they have to book and pay for their appointment. This only applies to their first appointment with me. If they book and cancel, the offer doesn't stand. 

Block booking discount

You can lock in my current (pre-May 2024) rates by block booking 3 or 6 massages and paying for these up front before May 2024 (please email for more details).

Corporate discount

You may be able to request massage as part of a corporate perks package that your employer may provide. If you are unsure, you can speak to them and see if it’s something they would consider offering, which would mean you can claim back the cost of your massage via your employer. I provide invoices with a list of my qualifications, which are accepted across several current schemes.

Sponsoring Local Athletes

Part of my business vision is to establish quality, reciprocal relationships within the sports and healthcare sectors, surrounding myself with people who want to set and achieve goals and who adopt a mindset of growing and learning to become better, in whatever way that looks for them.


One of the ways I'm looking to achieve this within the sports arena, is to sponsor a select group of local athletes. This will enable me to learn so much more about their sporting specialism, the training, typical injuries, and communities of people with similar needs that I will be able to support with my new found knowledge, combined with my massage skills.


If you are a competing, local athlete (over 18), with passion and an in-depth understanding of your sport, then this may be a great opportunity. I will provide routine, free massage, in return for you to share with me, your knowledge and experience of your sport. We would also discuss how we can engage similar athletes and local communities within this sport, about the benefits of massage, with a view to establish my services and offerings.

If you'd like to find out more, click here to send an email and provide a brief introduction of yourself and your sport and we can have an informal chat to see if we are a good match!

Do you have a scar that might benefit from scar treatment?

In November 2022, I completed the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) course, which is a tried and tested technique to reduce symptoms caused by surgical scars that many people experience but don't realise or know how to address the issues.

Common symptoms caused by surgical scars include:

  • Swelling due to changes in blood and lymph flow

  • Changes to the nerve cells that can cause feelings of pins and needles, numbness, pain, tightness, itching, burning

  • Reduced range of movement in the limb

  • Emotional trauma that we might carry forward with us, as well as effecting recovery and how comfortable we are in moving and touching the are of the body with the scar.

This technique can be used on surgical scars that are at least 8 weeks old with no signs of inflammation (healing). This technique will work on scars of all ages, even if it's been 10+ years since you acquired the scar. The focus of the technique is not to change the aesthetics of the scar, but this can also improve as a consequence of treatments.

I continue to seek out new clients with scars that they feel may fit into the above criteria, so if you have a scar that you'd like to be reviewed, please use my enquiry form and we can discuss the suitability of this technique on your scar.

for Fundraisers

If you are taking part in a fundraising event for charity, I would like to offer you a free, post-event massage, as a thank you for your efforts.

All I ask is for a photo and short blurb summarising the charity and event, ahead of the massage, for me to use on my website/ social media so I can shout about the great things you are all doing and to see how many fundraisers I can support!

Email me here and we can arrange the

massage, post event.

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