What to expect from your massage during Covid 19

New Booking Process

After you make initial contact to book a massage, you will be emailed two forms to complete and return on email before the day of your massage*:

  • Covid 19 Screening Form – the purpose of this form is to identify whether face-to-face treatment is safe, based on the Government Guidelines for Close Contact Services. 

  • Online Consultation Form – completing this form online before the treatment allows us to reduce time spent talking face-to-face in clinic, so the appointment focuses on hands-on treatment.


*If these forms are not returned before the day of your appointment, I may be required to move your booking to allow me sufficient time to review your forms. I can offer you a telephone call to go through the forms if you do not wish to complete them on email.


Covid 19 Symptoms

If you or a member of your household develop Covid 19 symptoms at any point between booking and turning up for your massage, please inform me at your earliest convenience so we can reschedule your booking after the required period of isolation has been completed and you are symptom free.

Similarly, if I or a member of my household develop Covid 19 symptoms, I am required to inform NHS Test and Trace and make contact with anyone they advise, once an assessment has been completed. I will also reach out to anyone with a booked appointment within a two week period to move the appointment to a later date when I am symptom free.


Pre-Appointment Telephone Calls

Once I receive your Covid 19 Screening form and Consultation form back on email, I may invite you to an initial telephone call for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a first-time client and I may have further questions to ensure I can provide the most suitable treatment.

  • You have signified on the Covid 19 Screening form that you are from the medium risk category and we may need to discuss and agree further risk reduction steps before your appointment.

  • I may want to discuss something from your Consultation form in more detail to ensure I have all the information required to create a treatment plan before your appointment.

In these instances, I will reach out to you on email to agree the best time for the phone call. 


Arriving for your Appointment

Please remain in your car until the appointment start time, at which point you can make your way to the entrance door and wait outside for me to meet you. I will be wearing a face covering and visor throughout the appointment. You will be required to wear a face covering, one can be provided if you do not own one.

Before we enter the building, we need to both confirm we are Covid 19 symptom free. We will then sanitise our hands and enter the building. We will adhere to the 2 metre distancing rule at all times around the hands-on treatment. I will open all doors on your behalf to reduce your contact around the building.


Reducing Risks

Heightened cleaning procedures have been implemented to maintain a clean treatment room. Couch covers and towels will be changed for every client, the couch and surfaces in the room will be cleaned and the treatment room aired for 15 minutes between each client appointment.

Please bring a water bottle if needed, as I can no longer supply this. Please avoid bringing any additional possessions such as bags and coats into the building. 

Conversation will be kept to a minimum after the initial treatment assessments and throughout the massage. Ideally payment will be made using credit or debit card. Please avoid touching anything during your visit and keep your face covering on until you exit the building after your appointment.


I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic.



Covid-19 Update

I am open for treatments. Face coverings are still required, to find out more click here