OFFER No extra cost for this extended first session to allow for an initial more in depth consultation and treatment to be delivered.

75mins appointment


You will be sent an electronic new client questionnaire to be completed before the appointment. We will review the information in this session, followed by an initial assessment, after which we will agree the treatment plan and commence the first treatment. 



After an initial consultation, treatments are tailored and targeted to meet the agreed outcome. These sessions can incorporate deep tissue massage, fascial and broader soft tissue work, trigger point release and active stretching. 

60mins appointment


Included within this price are exercises and/or stretches to take home and implement between treatments.



For those who are remote or unable to visit the treatment room, this service provides step-by-step guidance so you can manage your aches and pains from home. These sessions will include a warm up of the muscles using movement and manual work, massage techniques targeting the areas of pain or tightness, the use of equipment if available (foam roller and/or ball) and finishes with guided stretching. An efficient way to care for your body from home, learning techniques and stretches you can use on your own in the future.

Ranging from 20 minutes @ £10 - 1 hour @ £30

If you are unable to visit in person for an initial consultation, this will take place online at the start of the first session.



A guided session to show you how to effectively massage your partner/family member from home. We will talk through the aches and pains being experienced and identify best ways for you to massage the muscles for effective relief of built up tension. The session can be focused on one person receiving the treatment, or we can split the session so you can treat each other. All you need is a form of body lotion and space in your home to carry out the treatment. 

Ranging from 30 minutes @ £15 – 1 hour @ £30


 If you are a new client, the first session will also incorporate an initial assessment and client questionnaire.


Taping and strapping using kinesio tape or medical tape to support recovery from recent injury. Price varies depending on the type of tape and amount required. For example, simply taping a calf will be given as a complimentary add on to a massage treatment.

Price & appointment length variable


Covid-19 Notice

I have ceased hands on treatments due to lockdown. Discounted rates for online support and guided treatments, click here to find out more.


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