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Alresford Golf Club Members Page

Welcome to the dedicated Golf Club Members page

Common reasons clients book:
Relieving stiffness/ pain experienced during or after activity
Managing chronic pain
Managing symptoms for underlying health conditions
For relaxation and general maintenance

I am privileged to have expert connections across the Hampshire region, and I'm an advocate of sharing information and helping clients connect with the right professional.
Who can benefit from massage:
You do not need to be a member of the gym to benefit from my services, and neither do you need to be a serious athlete, I treat clients of all ages, including my 91 year old Grandma, who still plays golf!

A little about me
I live in Basingstoke, I enjoy meeting new people and helping them reach their goals with the tools and knowledge I have developed.
I am qualified across a range of massage techniques, from sports massage, to lighter fascial techniques, as well as movement and stretching work as part of the treatment, depending on the client needs. 

The techniques in massage are of course the cornerstone to a great treatment, but so is the ability to listen to the client's goals, preferences and expectations, and turn these into an effective treatment plan. 


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Complete the form below to take advantage of the following offers

OFFER 1  Claim your free 30 minute taster massage, if you'd like to see if this is something you'd be interested in.

OFFER 2  *Claim your first massage at the discounted price of £45/hour.

Massages are located at Station Mill, only 5 minutes drive away from the Golf Club.
* (includes consultation, and the opportunity to receive an assessment and tailored movement advice)


Please complete the boxes below, I will email you to confirm your massage has been booked. There will be a short health questionnaire to complete to ensure it is safe to massage. There is no obligation to re-book, just enjoy the massage!


I used to get private 121 golf lessons when I was younger, my Grandma took up golf at the youthful age of 60 and we decided to play together, here's Grandma in action!


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