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Massage for Sudden Pain & Injury

Some examples include twisting your ankle, over-stretching, lifting something too heavy, pulling a muscle during sport and exercise.

Injuries to muscles, tendons and other soft tissue can cause significant pain that can also refer to other parts of the body, which is not only alarming, but it can massively impact our ability to carry out normal daily tasks.

My approach is to first assess your symptoms, range of movement and look at what happened in the run up to the injury. If I conclude that there is a need for a more detailed examination, I will refer you to a local, trusted physiotherapist. In some instances, I may refer you to a minor injuries clinic for a scan, if I assess that there may be more information required to understand the extent of the injury.

Depending on the severity of pain, immediate massage can be beneficial on and around the site of injury, to help calm the injured and surrounding tissue. I will provide guidance on how best to manage the injury during this phase and to promote an optimal healing environment for the injured area.

After your initial pain subsides, further massage techniques can be introduced to support recovery of the tissue, to help manage stiffness and discomfort and to re-introduce movement safely.

I may offer to use sports tape, which can be useful as a subtle support, to help remind you to protect the area initially. Tape can also be used if you are returning to activity and feeling cautious, but the aim will be to get you back to your levels of activity un-aided, through rehab exercises.

Some injuries that cause sudden pain, may in fact be a result of repeated overuse, underuse, or misuse that builds up overtime. In these instances, it’s important to reflect on what the causes may be and how we can change these or better prepare the body to prevent further injury/ aggravation.

Treatments will revolve around consultation and agreement of the best approach, guided by your priorities and what you feel comfortable with.

Covid-19 Update

I am open for treatments. Face coverings are still required, to find out more click here